Frequently asked questions

The Boiling Water Tap

  1. How does the Boiling Water Tap Work?

Your new tap is plumbed in to a small boiler, which usually fits neatly in under the sink. The boiler tank takes cold water from your existing kitchen cold water feed and heats up the 2.4 litre tank of water. You normal hot water feed works exactly as it did previously supplied from you main household hot water tank or boiler.

  1. Why do you have the different temperature settings for the water?

You can set the temperature to 5 different settings to give you the temperature you require – remember different teas need different temperatures and never 100c, as this will soil the taste. Temperature will also scald and damage beans which results in giving it a bitter taste.

  1. What are typical uses for the boiling water taps?

Boiling Water Taps replace your kettle and are ideal for making any hot drink requiring boiling water or any cooking application requiring boiling water from boiling your eggs or cooking pasta to blanching vegetables or boiling water to cleaning a floor.

  1. How many cups of tea/coffee will it make before needing to reheat?

We estimate between 5 or 6 typical cups of boiling water before the unit needs to reheat the water.

  1. How long does it take to reheat?

If only one cup is drawn off the tap the heater will be back up to the maximum temperature in under a minute. If fully drawn down it normally takes 4 minutes to get back to maximum temperature. From new or being turned off allow 7-8 minutes. The temperature of the mains water will affect the reheat time.

  1. Are the Boiling Water Taps safe to use?

Yes, often quoted as safer than a kettle, which can accidentally be dropped, or boiling water is spilt.

  1. By storing the water just under 100c you get the benefits of instant boiling water with no spitting as the pressurised steam is turned back into a liquid.
  2. The tap spout is designed with cool to touch built in so it never gets hot.
  3. The tap a has a built in boiling water handle with a child safe button so it can not be accidentally turned on and is sprung so when released it automatically turns the water off.
  1. Do you turn them off?

We advise not to turn them off as it costs more to heat up water from cold than keep boiling water hot. The unit is designed to be on constantly to give you the instant boiling water when you require it.

  1. What will one cost to run

With modern insulation heat loss is minimised and with only 1.5 kw of energy is used to boil the water running costs are estimated to be less than 3 p per day.

  1. Do they save money?

It is estimated that a boiling water tank will cost approximately 3 p per day, a single use kettle to boil 1 litre of water is 2p, so if you make several hot drinks a day not only will the boiling water tap save you time but money also.


  1. Can I do my own installation?

Yes – a competent DIY person who is comfortable with simple plumbing can do this job

  1. What tools will I need

A screwdriver, an adjustable wrench and a pair of pliers. This assumes that your existing tap is easy to remove, if not then a basin wrench may be needed. If your power socket is in an adjacent cupboard a hole may be needed to be drilled to allow the power cable through.

  1. Do I need any other parts?

No the units come complete with all the fittings and pipes required.

If not fitted you may want to install isolating valves to the hot/cold water feed to the kitchen sink.

  1. Will extra plumbing be required?

Not in most instances – The compact unit will fit usually into the cupboard under the sink and the pipe supplied will fit onto the existing cold and hot water feed.

  1. Do I need an electrician?

No, as long as there is an accessible socket within the cable length it’s a simple plug and fit system. If you need extra cable lengths these can be bought off the shelf from any DIY or electrical outlet.


  1. What is the filter for?

The filter is an important part of the tank protection whilst it improves the taste by removing small particles and minerals it also prevents limescale build up which will affect you tanks performance, useable life and guarantee

  1. How long does the filter last and will I know it needs changing?

It is normally estimated to be every six months but our tank includes a clever piece of patented technology that measures the water that passes through it and will turn red when it needs changing

  1. Does the filter provide cold filtered drinking water?

On the 3 in 1 systems the filter is designed only to prevent limescale build up and damage to the tank though it does filter particles and improve the taste of the boiling water held in the tank.

For filtered drinking water please see the 4 in 1 units with both particle and bacterial filtering properties improving both the odour and taste providing crystal clear fresh drinking water.

  1. Are the filters easy to change?

It is estimated that a boiling water tank will cost approximately 3 p per day, a single use kettle to boil 1 litre of water is 2p, so if you make several hot drinks a day not only will the boiling water tap save you time but money also.

Very easy, you turn the water feed off and then they are a simple twist and remove for the outer casing and a screw fit to remove the filter head. The cartridge is then loose to remove.

  1. Where can I buy a replacement filter

When you sign into our guarantee scheme we automatically will send you an email reminding you when your filter needs replacing, this will continue throughout the life of the product. Aleternatively if your use requires the filter to be changed more frequently  simply contact us by e-mail or call us directly when your tank filter change light advises you to change the filter.

Buying from The Hot Water Tap Company

  1. How long will it take to deliver my hot tap?

We always quote 2/3 days from receipt of order, however in many cases the product may arrive within 24 hours.

If a 24-hour or guaranteed delivery time is required please check our delivery additional charges

  1. Is delivery Free

Yes all our delivery is free to mainland UK addresses

For Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Northern Ireland there may be a small additional supplement.

  1. Is there a cost to return it if I don’t want it?

We offer a full 30-day refund service.

Simply ensure all the items are unused/fitted and packed neatly in the box we sent them out to you in, contact us directly for the returns address and send them back via DPD, Hermes or Royal Mail.

  1. Can I have a VAT receipt?

All our products are sent out with a full VAT invoice

  1. What Guarantee /Warranty am I offered?

We offer a 5-year guarantee on the tap and a 2-year guarantee on the boiling water tank from date of purchase.

Please see you guarantee enclosed with product

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