12 Kitchen Layout Ideas to Transform Your Cooking Space

a well-lit white kitchen with flame orange utensils, a brushed nickel swan neck tap beside a big white sliding window

Are you feeling cramped in your kitchen? Do you feel like you don't have enough space to work? Are you looking for some new, innovative ideas to change up your cooking space? If so, then this blog post is for you! In today's blog post, we will be sharing twelve different kitchen layout ideas that will help breathe new life into your cooking area. So if you're ready to renovate, read on for some inspiration!

Consider the space you’re working with

a white kitchen with red pots and pans


The first step in planning a kitchen renovation is to consider the space you have to work with. If you have a small kitchen, you’ll need to be strategic about how you use your space. For example, you might want to install compact appliances or choose storage solutions that maximize vertical space. On the other hand, if you have a large kitchen, you’ll have more flexibility in terms of design. You might want to include a kitchen island or create a more open layout.


Regardless of the size of your kitchen, if your budget can stretch to it, a professional designer could help you plan out your space. With their help, you could balance a beautiful and functional kitchen that meets all your needs. Alternatively, there are kitchen planning tools available online that can also be of assistance - and plenty of videos if you're interested in DIY.

Use shades to create separate zones in your kitchen

Most people love to cook, but not everyone enjoys the process of cleaning up afterwards. By using different shades of colour to create separate zones in your kitchen, you can separate the cooking area from the cleanup zone. This will make your kitchen feel more spacious and organized. For example, you could use a light white for the cooking area and a darker grey for the sink area.


If you have an open-layout kitchen, you can use shades to create distinct zones without making the space feel closed off. For instance. For example, black appliances like hot water taps could be used to create a modern sink. This area can be used for tasks like rinsing fruits and vegetables, scrubbing dishes and washing hands. By creating a dedicated [reparation zone, you can help to keep your kitchen clean and organized.

Use the galley layout for space efficiency


The linear arrangement of a galley kitchen is often viewed as the most space-efficient layout for a small kitchen. Unlike other kitchen layouts, which tend to be L-shaped or U-shaped, a galley kitchen features two parallel counters with a walkway in between. This layout is often found in older homes and apartments, where space is at a premium. While a galley layout may not be suitable for entertaining large groups, it can be ideal for couples or families who enjoy cooking together. By placing all of the essentials within arm’s reach, a galley kitchen can help to make meal preparation more efficient. In addition, the linear arrangement of a galley kitchen often provides ample counter space for food preparation, making it an ideal layout for those who enjoy cooking.

Create distinct zones with an island layout

There are many different ways to lay out a kitchen, but one of the most popular and practical designs is the island layout. This type of layout creates distinct zones for different activities, which can make your kitchen more efficient and enjoyable to use. The cooking zone is typically located in the middle of the kitchen, where you have easy access to the stove, sink, and counter space. The prep zone is typically located next to the cooking zone, where you can prepare food before cooking it. The cleanup zone is typically located next to the prep zone, where you can wash dishes, veggies and your hands. And the storage zone is typically located in the far corners of the kitchen, where you can keep pots, pans, and other kitchen supplies. By creating these distinct zones, you can make your kitchen more organised and efficient.

Declutter your worktops

A cluttered worktop can make even the most organised kitchen feel like a place of chaos. To declutter your worktops, start by evaluating what you use daily. Do you need that second toaster? Would a 4-in-1 tap be a better space-saving solution for your sink? Once you've identified the appliances and items that you use most often, find creative ways to store them. Use hooks to hang utensils from the backsplash, or invest in some stylish storage jars for dry goods. If your worktops are still feeling cluttered, consider adding some open shelving to display items that you use frequently but don't necessarily need to keep out all the time. With a little bit of planning, it's easy to declutter your worktops and transform your kitchen into a haven of organisation.

Love your corners with an L-shaped layout

L-shaped kitchen with wooden table


For any room, nailing the layout is one of the most important design details. But when it comes to corner spaces, in particular, getting the configuration right can be a challenge. One way to make the most of a corner space is with an L-shaped layout. By placing furniture or built-ins along two adjacent walls, you can create a well-defined area that feels both cosy and functional. In a living room, for instance, an L-shaped layout can accommodate a sofa and a coffee table, leaving plenty of room for circulation. In a bedroom, an L-shaped layout can provide enough space for a bed and a dresser. And in a kitchen, an L-shaped layout can make it easier to move around while cooking or entertaining guests. So if you're looking to make the most of your corners, consider an L-shaped layout. It's a simple solution that can make all the difference.

Maximise floor space in a small kitchen

Any homeowner will tell you that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It's where we gather to cook, eat and socialize. But if your kitchen is on the small side, it can be a challenge to make the most of the available space. Here are a few tips to help you maximize floor space in a small kitchen.

One way to create the illusion of more space is to keep the floors light and bright. A white or light-coloured tile floor will reflect light and make the room appear larger. Another trick is to use small-scale furniture and appliances. A compact refrigerator, for example, takes up less floor space than a full-sized model. And a narrow dining table is perfect for smaller kitchens. You can also save valuable floor space by mounting your pots and pans on a wall rack or installing shelves above your countertops. By following these simple tips, you can turn even the smallest kitchen into a cosy and inviting gathering place.

Play the professional chef with a long island

A long island is a perfect way to create a chef's table experience in your kitchen. By placing the island in the centre of the room, you can easily seat guests on all sides and have them interact with the chef as they prepare the meal. This is a great way to entertain friends and family, and it also allows for a more intimate dining experience. The key to making this work is to make sure that the island is well-lit and has plenty of counter space. You'll also want to choose comfortable chairs that allow guests to relax and enjoy the experience. With a little planning, you can easily turn your kitchen into a gourmet paradise.

Bring personality to an open-plan space

Open-plan living is becoming increasingly popular, as it offers a more flexible and social way of life. However, one of the challenges of open-plan living is creating a sense of personality and individuality in the space. There are a few ways to do this. One is to use different textures and materials to define different areas. For example, rugs can help to delineate lounge and dining areas, while wall coverings can create a visual boundary between work and relaxation zones. Another way to add personality is through colour.

Using bold statement colours can help to zone areas and inject some energy into the space. Finally, lighting can also be used to create an atmosphere and ambience. By playing with different light sources, it is possible to create a range of moods within an open-plan space. Ultimately, there are many ways to bring personality to an open-plan living space; it just takes a little creativity.

Incorporate a dining nook into your kitchen layout

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so why not make it a place where the whole family can gather? Incorporating a dining nook into your kitchen layout is a great way to create an inviting space for meals and conversation. A small table and chairs can fit into even the most compact of kitchens, and it's a great way to make the most of your space. If you're short on storage, consider incorporating a built-in bench into your nook. This will provide extra seating and double as a place to store blankets and other items. No matter what your style, a dining nook is a great way to bring the family together.

U-Shape Kitchen Floor Plan

The U-shape kitchen floor plan is one of the most popular layouts for today's homeowners. This type of layout offers plenty of counter space and storage options, while still allowing for easy traffic flow. One of the benefits of a U-shaped layout is that it can be easily customized to fit the specific needs of the homeowner. For example, additional counter space can be added by extending the length of the counters, or by adding an island in the centre of the U. Another advantage of this layout is that it allows multiple people to work in the kitchen at the same time. This can be especially helpful when entertaining guests or preparing large meals. If you are considering a new kitchen layout, the U-shape floor plan may be the perfect option for your home.

P-Shape Kitchen Floor Plan

The term "P-shape" is often used to describe a particular kitchen floor plan. As the name suggests, this type of layout features a large central cooking area with a sink and counter space on one side and a second counter and storage area on the other. The two countertops are typically connected by a peninsula or island, creating a U-shaped work area. This layout is often used in larger kitchens, as it provides plenty of room for multiple cooks to work simultaneously. However, it can also be adapted for smaller spaces by removing the island or peninsula. P-shape kitchen layouts are popular because they are highly functional and can be easily customized to suit any need.


When it comes to kitchen layouts, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The best layout for your kitchen will depend on the specific needs of your household. However, by considering the different options and taking into account the size and shape of your kitchen, you can easily find a layout that will suit your needs and lifestyle.

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