Clutter-Free Living: 14 Ways to Declutter a Kitchen

Who doesn't want to feel like a calm sea of tranquillity is washing over them when they enter their kitchen? You know what I'm talking about—that feeling you get from being in an organised space free from clutter. But how do you make this dream a reality in your own home?

This post will uncover the strategies for creating and maintaining a decluttered kitchen: 14 foolproof hacks that will help restore order and bring more serenity into your living space! Read on to find out exactly how you can make it happen.

Why Decluttering Will Improve Your Life

Organise Your Space for Efficiency

The most obvious benefit of decluttering your kitchen is that it will create more space and allow you to use the area more efficiently. You'll be able to store items in designated areas, making them easier to find when needed. This also makes cleaning up after meals easier as everything can be quickly tidied away without having to move around clutter. A well-organised kitchen lets you easily see what ingredients you need when planning meals, which helps prevent food waste and save money.

Reduce Stress Levels

When surrounded by clutter, it has been proven that stress levels increase significantly. By removing all the excess items from your kitchen that are no longer needed or used, you'll reduce stress and have a much calmer environment in which to work. Having an organised kitchen also means that tasks such as cooking or washing dishes become quicker and more enjoyable activities rather than stressful ones.

Gain More Time

When everything is organised correctly in the kitchen, it helps save time each day, both during meal preparation and clean up afterwards. Once you've removed all the unnecessary items from the room, you'll find more time on your hands to spend on activities such as cooking new recipes or spending quality time with family and friends over dinner. Plus, since everything is stored away neatly in its own place, finding the things you need will be much faster.

14 Ways to Declutter a Kitchen

1. Declutter Your Kitchen Cabinets

A kitchen can be cluttered, and kitchen cupboards are often full of items that don't get used very much. It's important to declutter these kitchen cabinets to reduce kitchen stress and maximise storage. Taking the time to sort through kitchen cupboards and discard out-of-date or obsolete items can make your kitchen feel neater and more organised.


an interior view of a white wooden kitchen cabinet


Once the unwanted items are cleared away, consider where you could benefit from some additional storage containers or baskets to manage better kitchen supplies like utensils, pots, pans, and food items. Making an effort to tidy up kitchen cabinets will lead to a more comfortable kitchen space that is easier to navigate.

2. Create More Storage with Wall Shelves

Wall shelves offer nearly unlimited storage potential for homeowners looking to declutter their kitchens. Strategically placed shelves allow the user to use previously unused space, adding function and style alike. Not only can wall shelves make a busy kitchen more efficient by allowing for easier access and more visibility when selecting items, but they can also draw the eye upward to create a sense of spaciousness and grandeur in the room.


brown wooden shelves in a white kitchen

Whether it's cookbooks, utensils, spices or other kitchen items that need storage solutions, these shelves are an attractive addition that solves numerous organizing issues while making the kitchen look even more stylish than before.

3. Maximise Pantry Space with Organisers

Utilising organiser items can be a great solution when trying to free up space in your kitchen pantry. From trays and baskets to pullout shelves and even wall mounts, the right organisers can help you make the most out of your pantry.

With careful organisation, it's possible to squeeze every inch of available space, so nothing is left forgotten in the back corners — making sure you never run out of staples like flour or sugar again! By organising your different types of ingredients, snacks and any other foodstuffs, you can also find items more easily when you're ready to cook and prepare meals.

Additionally, it's much easier to keep things neat as everything has its own designated spot for its place. A few simple organiser additions can make all the difference in reducing clutter and maximising storage possibilities in your pantry.

4. Utilise Under-Cabinet Baskets

The kitchen can be a daunting task to keep organised and tidy, but with the addition of under-cabinet baskets, decluttering your kitchen has never been easier. These baskets are a great way to store items that generally clutter counter space, like food storage containers and lids or small appliances. Not only can they keep these items out of sight and easily accessed when needed, but they also create additional storage in one's kitchen.

Installing under-cabinet baskets is simple; with pre-installed brackets in most kitchens today, adding them is as easy as removing the old shelving and sliding one's desired basket into place. With just a few steps and minimal equipment necessary for installation, adding a few extra baskets in one's kitchen can make big changes to their available storage space.

5. Hang a Pegboard for Open Shelving

Having an organised kitchen can be a game changer, and with open shelving, you can create roomy and modern storage solutions. Installing a pegboard is one of the easiest ways to give your kitchen a sense of sophistication. They come in various shapes and sizes, making them easy to use in any kitchen. Organising your cooking and baking utensils onto the pegboard allows you to see what you need to do the job.

white pegboard


When those items are no longer needed for their current tasks, put them back in their respective places without digging through drawers or cabinets. A pegboard is versatile enough to be used for spices or herbs. Hang a pegboard and keep your countertops clutter-free while taking advantage of all that kitchen space!

6. Use Multi-Purpose Furniture and Appliances

Adding multi-purpose furniture and appliances to a kitchen is a great way to help keep it clutter free and organised. With the invention of convertible kitchen islands, drawers that create hidden storage space, and shelf organisers that expand shelves, investing in multi-purpose products can be an effective way to simplify your work area.


a kitchen with multipurpose wooden furniture

Not only do they provide storage solutions, such as cutting boards stacking neatly on top of pans, but they also help utilise available space in the kitchen while minimising what has to be put away. There are so many clever items out there – from foldable knives and cutting boards to stools that double as storage bins – that it's easy for anyone to find the perfect fit for their unique kitchen needs.

7. Strategically Place Spice Racks & Containers

An organised kitchen is essential for many households, and one of the keys to success is strategically placing spice racks and containers. When appropriately deployed, spice racks help to organise ingredients that would otherwise get lost in a cluttered box or cellar. Spice containers ensure all your favourite flavours are within easy reach.


shelf with spice racks and containers


Additionally, they bring a sense of cohesion to the kitchen between countertop shelves, cabinets, and drawers since their placement can be customised in any order. Utilising spice racks and containers is an effective way to maintain an uncluttered cooking space while still having easy access to all of your spices so you can whip up delicious meals with minimal effort.

8. Make Room for Lids and Cutting Boards

Kitchen organisation can be a huge challenge, especially when dealing with limited space. An easy and effective way to reduce clutter in the kitchen is to make room for lids and cutting boards. This involves setting aside specific storage spaces for these two items, which will help the kitchen look uncluttered and neat. Lids can be easily stored away by hanging off hooks of various sizes or laying them in shallow drawers.

Similarly, cutting boards can be hung from notches on inside cupboard walls or placed in drawers where they won't take up too much space. Devoting enough space to store pieces like lids and cutting boards can help make the kitchen instantly organised and welcoming for time spent cooking or baking with family or friends.

9. Invest In Collapsible & Stackable Containers

Decluttering a kitchen doesn't have to be a mundane and challenging task. Investing in collapsible and stackable containers is an easy way to reduce your kitchen's clutter while keeping all of your items organised. Collapsible containers are ideal for storing food, like breakfast cereals, baking ingredients, snacks, etc., because they can easily be folded away when not needed.

Similarly, stackable containers mean that you can maximise your available shelf space by piling them one on top of the other. Not only will this help you tidy up, it also frees up space to store other things like dishes or pans. Investing in these practical storage solutions is not just great for decluttering but also very cost-effective and adds a touch of flair to any kitchen!

10. Repurpose Your Jars, Cans, and Egg Cartons

Have you noticed your kitchen countertops overflow with containers of varying sizes and shapes? Everyone loves to hold onto their jars, cans, and egg cartons because they could come in handy someday. Instead of letting them linger on your kitchen counters, taking up valuable space, why not turn them into something useful? Repurposing these pieces can help declutter a kitchen while giving items they already have a new lease on life.

With some paint, ribbons, and other materials that can easily be found at local craft stores, these containers can be easily transformed into decorative storage options. For example, jars can even become vases for flowers or succulents. Cans can become planters for herbs, and egg cartons can be beautified as jewellery holders! Repurposing is a fun and inexpensive way to keep the kitchen organised without the need for additional items cluttering the space.

11. Reorganise Tupperware Drawers

Rearranging Tupperware drawers is a simple and practical solution to reducing kitchen chaos. It takes minimal effort and provides maximum impact, helping to make meal times easier and less stressful. Start by emptying the drawer and taking inventory of containers by size and design. Reorganise them neatly into sections so that they are easy to locate; larger items at the back and smaller items at the front if possible. This will promote efficiency in food preparation as all the right Tupperware is on hand right away instead of digging through a mountain of mismatched lids!

And be sure to put like-with-like sets together for convenience when cooking or to store leftovers in the future. Reorganising Tupperware will help keep your kitchen looking neat and tidy, making it more inviting and providing room to store new gadgets.

12. Swap Your Kettle for a Boiling Water Tap

Even the most organised of us can find their kitchen counter cluttered, with toasters, blenders and electric kettles all taking up space. But there is an easy solution: install a boiling water tap! This one addition can free up a lot of worktop space, giving the area a more spacious feel.



Not only that – you'll also have instant hot water on hand whenever you need it. No need to worry about pesky cords either; boiling water taps look tidy because it's only the in-cupboard boiler tank that requires electricity.

13. Clear Out Unused Appliances

The kitchen is often the busiest room in the home and a good place to start when decluttering your living space. One way to accomplish this is to take a look at any unused appliances that may be taking up space. If a blender or food processor hasn't been used in over a year, it may be time to part ways with it. Not only will this free up cupboard space for items you use regularly, but it also provides the environmental benefits of avoiding the unnecessary use of electricity or other energy sources.


brown and white wooden kitchen island


Donating these lightly used items can also help those in need! Investing some time into clearing out the kitchen can make a big difference in how organised and clutter-free your home feels daily.

14. Move Utensils to a Pullout Drawer

If a kitchen feels cluttered and disorganised, one of the most innovative ways to quickly and effectively alleviate the problem is to take advantage of the space in drawers and cabinets by installing a pullout drawer for utensils. Unlike traditional cabinet storage, where utensils are stored in a jumbled mess, a pullout drawer maximises efficiency and organisation. Instead of rummaging around looking for the right utensil, everything will be easily found in its designated spot.

In addition to providing more convenient access to frequently used items, a pullout drawer will also help you better manage the overall look of your kitchen by adding an aesthetic that matches its specific décor while reducing countertop clutter.

What is the Marie Kondo Method?

The KonMari method was created by Marie Kondo and involves a systematic approach to tidying up your house. The essence of it is to keep only those items that "spark joy" for you - everything else must be discarded or donated. This means that it's not just about throwing stuff out - it's about taking time to think about how each item makes you feel; if an item no longer brings you joy or happiness, then it should be removed from your life.

KonMari encourages people to tidy up their belongings in one go rather than doing a little bit here and there over time. She believes this approach helps people stay focused on the task at hand while also giving them an idea of what they need in their life in the future. Additionally, she believes tidying up quickly motivates people since they can see results immediately.

The Five Steps of the KonMari Method

KonMari outlines five steps for effectively organising your home according to her method: sorting, discarding, organising, cleaning and thanking. These steps are designed to help people create an organised, tidy environment where they can live happily and productively.

he first step involves going through all your possessions and deciding which ones "spark joy" for you; if something doesn't, then it should be discarded or donated (step two). Step three involves taking all these joyful items and finding places for them; this will help create order in your home (step four). Finally, step five involves thanking each item for its service before moving on with life (this part is optional but highly recommended!).


Now that you know some of the best ways to clear out your kitchen and declutter your life, what’s stopping you from getting started? Pick one small task from this list and commit to doing it today. Don’t let living in a cluttered space hold you back from enjoying your home to the fullest. A tidy kitchen is just around the corner!

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